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Roger Ballen- Shadow Land (1983-2011)

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Cosmópolis Aldo Crusher

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Wolf Guts for Bi-Weekly Challenge

This week’s challenge was to choose a fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers, and I had a few top picks but at the end of the day I couldn’t resist doing Little Red Cap.  In the Grimm Brothers version of the story, the wolf is cut open to get Little Red Cap and her grandmother out, and heavy stones are put inside before he’s sewn back up.  When he wakes up, he can’t move from the weight and dies.

I started by doing a few quick thumbnails on paper, then I scanned in the one I liked best and did the sketch digitally.  I prefer to sketch digitally because I can flip, rotate, copy and paste at will— saves a lot of time!  Then I printed the sketch out at full size (12”x22”) and lightboxed it on to watercolor paper.  (At this point, I wasn’t entirely sure whether I was going to paint this or do colors digitally so I wanted to keep my options open.)  Once I started rendering it out with graphite, I decided to proceed with colors digitally because I wanted to maintain a feeling of depth with lighting.

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Blue Lagoon | by “dirkoneill on Flickr

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she wants him to ram the soul out her body

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DJ Premier | Gang Starr | ‘The Ownerz' | Booklet Art

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